About Tanveer Rahat

Thanks for stopping by. I am Tanveer Rahat, aka- Sonet to my close ones, humbly welcome you to my blog. No matter what I do or where do I live, the great thing about life is having the chances to interact with the people around the world. Thanks to Almighty, who let us live the precious life.

Living by the ethical way can be seen as dramatic or egoistic to others. But all my life I’ve been following my rules arrogantly. For this, I’ve lost many Variables. But good things, I believe yet to come.

Currently, I am a student of North South University enrolled in Bachelor of Business Administration program and hoping to be graduate soon. I know it’s kind of weird as a business student to be impatient to Web Development profession. But it just happened, the beauty of building web applications got my attention.

I used to wonder how the things run around the Internet, found that building something in your own sense and logic is surprisingly amazing. All the developers would agree with me at this point of view. That is what I do, I love PHP. I do build Web Applications, favorite platforms are right now Content Management Systems like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla. I use my spare times reading books, playing guitar and taking photos.

Visions of my Life:

  • Being a Regular Business Graduate.
  • Being an Expert PHP Developer.
  • Devote the coding skills to my future ventures and profession.
  • Running a couple of helpful Blogs with useful information.
  • Learning new things until the day I die.

I left my hometown Madhupur, Tangail just after my SSC. It was back in 2006. I was admitted to Notre Dame College Dhaka, science group, in HSC. Like every other outsider(I mean students outside Dhaka metro), I was vaguely confused. I remember one of my elder brother from NDC, pointing to the tiny computer icon in the taskbar saying “This is Internet. If both of those are blue, it means there’s bandwidth up and running and now you can browse or search anything using The Internet.” – It was a Windows XP thing by the way.

In my school, Madhupur Shahid Smrity High School which is very prestigious educational institute in Tangail,  I’ve never been over roll number 9, but still knew nothing about The Internet. Whereas, students from different metro areas were quite familiar with common Internet use and terms. This was their great advantages and still now in 2016, I feel like equivalent resources are NOT provided to develop them and their skills.

Therefore, I assume there is a huge opportunity cost of talent we are ignoring just because of lack of useful resources. All the young minds, students from provincial Or modest schools and colleges are not guided and trained enough to help them choosing the right path. That is where I feel responsible where I must contribute for their good of our community.

Dreams of my Life:

  • Being able to devote to social welfare works.
  • Raising a soulful Developer Community those who eager to volunteer to teach poor kids teaching coding.
  • Building a custom library application for my books, movies collection.
  • Make my parents proud for myself.

So that’s all about me. If you are considering to contact me for anything that I might be able to help you with, please feel free to Contact Me.

Thank you again.